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Learning in Düsseldorf

There is certainly a lot to learn when you move to a new country (or even city), that’s why we figured a section about learning German and information on the education system in Düsseldorf might help you out a bit when it comes to getting settled.

We all have questions, even after living here for 10 years, and that’s totally normal. We conquer different stages of our lives here in Düsseldorf, so while you may no longer consider yourself an expat, there are still many things you can learn from the experts writing these posts.


So, to make it easier, we’ve divided our tips into two different categories for you:

Schooling in Dusseldorf

Learning German in Dusseldorf


If you’re running short on time or are simply just a little too lazy to scout through our jam-packed sections of learning the German language and getting to know the education system… you could always shift your eyes to the left (or scroll up if you’re on your phone) and check out some of the expats favorites (because we have the stats to prove it).

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