Sunday Shops Dusseldorf


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Shopping and Markets

What’s Open on Sunday’s in Düsseldorf?

November 15, 2018

If you’re new to Germany, you may not have settled into the fact that almost all shops are closed on Sunday’s. It’s a funny feeling not being able to shop 1/7 days of the week when you come from a country that offers up 24/7 grocery stores and convenience…

The Best Of Grafenberg


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7: Grafenberg Districts

Exploring the best of Grafenberg, Düsseldorf

November 8, 2018

Blink and you have passed through Grafenberg, located on the Eastern district of Düseldorf, at the foothills of Bergisches Land. But, don’t be fazed by the size, as it is densely populated; therefore, full of little gems. Eyes wide open! Just drive along Grafenberg Allee as most shops and…

Dusseldorf Quiet Hours


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Getting Started Living

When are Düsseldorf’s Quiet Hours and What Does It Really Mean?

November 1, 2018

There is such a thing as quiet hours in Germany, and many German’s take this rather seriously, so I would pay attention to this blog post if you want your neighbors to respect you.

Surprisingly, you may actually come to enjoy these quiet hour rules yourself as well. I find myself outraged…

Deco Shops Dusseldorf


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Housing Living Shopping and Markets

10 Affordable & Awesome Shops to Decorate Your Apartment

October 25, 2018

Tired of asking this question and everyone responding with the answer: IKEA? I know I was when I first arrived in Düsseldorf. I know IKEA is cheap, and yes, it is also a great place to furnish and decorate your apartment… but sometimes I just want something different, you know?

There are…

Museum Kunstpalast


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1: Altstadt Museums and Art

Children Atelier & Family Sundays at Museum Kunstpalast

October 18, 2018

Did you know that the Museum Kunstpalast in Dusseldorf Ehrenhof is exceptionally children-friendly!? One of our team members, Elisa Stella, from ELP-Expat, absolutely loved her experience at their Family Sunday event and couldn’t wait to share it with you. Plus, the prices are super affordable which makes the whole experience even more pleasant! ????

PS: No,…

Buying a House in Düsseldorf


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Housing Living

How to Get a Mortgage & Buy a Home in Düsseldorf

October 9, 2018

Even though Germany is the largest economy within the European Union, it still has some of the most affordable housing anywhere in Europe. This means that there’s more interest in living and working in Germany than ever before. This includes moving to Dusseldorf.  

Indeed our city is an international…

Dusseldorf Tours


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Playing Things to Do

10 of the Best Tours to Get to Know Düsseldorf

October 4, 2018

New to Düsseldorf and still looking for ways to get to know the city a little better? Why not take the opportunity to explore the city by tour? Whether you enjoy walking tours, boat tours, Segway tours or beer tours, there are a number of ways to get to…


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Learning Schooling Sponsored Post

3 Benefits of Attending an International School in Düsseldorf

September 28, 2018

When moving abroad as a family, one of the most important considerations is the quality and availability of education for your children. Due to the country’s high standards of education, expat parents in Germany have the freedom to choose between equally high-quality public and private schools.

However, this freedom doesn’t…


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Housing Living

5-Step Process to Moving Out of Your Apartment in Germany

September 27, 2018

Perhaps you’re an expat who is moving on to a new country, or you’re like Founder of The Property Guy Germany, Rob Lederman, who has fallen in love with Germany and are moving into what is going to be your long-term home. Either way, you need to give your landlord notice…

Moving Into Apartment Germany


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Getting Started Housing Living

The 5-Step Process to Moving into your Apartment in Germany

September 20, 2018

Moving is a hassle no matter where you live. But here, we often have the added stress of a language barrier. And it’s not just the language barrier, but also the cultural differences in how things work. Put simply, the process is probably very different from what you’re used…

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