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1: Altstadt Museums and Art

Children Atelier & Family Sundays at Museum Kunstpalast

October 18, 2018

Did you know that the Museum Kunstpalast in Dusseldorf Ehrenhof is exceptionally children-friendly!? One of our team members, Elisa Stella, from ELP-Expat, absolutely loved her experience at their Family Sunday event and couldn’t wait to…

Meet Our Life in Düsseldorf Team

June 1, 2018

Meet the Team

Life in Düsseldorf isn’t just a one-man show. 
Without the help of our dedicated volunteers, you wouldn’t have the information you need to make the best out of…

Getting Started Living

Expat Services: Company – ELP-Expat

December 14, 2017

Many of you might recognize the name Elisa Stella, the super active and supportive woman who often answers all your questions on the Expat Facebook pages. Well, today, I…

Giving Back Living

Where to Donate Your Used Goods in Düsseldorf

December 12, 2017

While it might be popular during the Christmas season and the New Year to get rid of all of our old and unwanted items, don’t forget that this is…

Getting Started Schooling

Essential Facts to Understanding the “Tagesmütter”

December 5, 2017

Too often foreign parents get confused about what a Tagesmütter/Tagesväter is and the payment system involved in compensating them, so we have The Expert Expat Assistant, Elisa Stella, back…